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Key Steps for Building an Appealing Workplace

Employees expect more than just a fair paycheck from their employers. They also look for

Flexible Employee Benefits: A Smart Way to Secure Your Financial Health

Choosing a company that offers a wide range of benefits can have a significant impact

Re:benefit & Ernst & Young: The Impact of Flexible Benefits on Talent Attraction and Retention.

Re:benefit, in collaboration with Ernst & Young Bulgaria, organized a business breakfast, on the topic

Health, Sports, Food, Transport: Top Employee Benefits in Q1 2023.

We have just published some statistics for the most preferred categories of additional benefits chosen

Re:benefit Awards Top American University of Blagoevgrad Team for Outstanding Market Research

Re:benefit, the first and only innovative platform for flexible benefits in Bulgaria, is thrilled to

HR Tech: A Valuable Investment for Social Benefits and Talent Management.

Recently, there has been a significant increase in the adoption of HR technologies by HR

How social benefits evolve in the era of Industry 4.0? 

In 2022 we are all witnessing unprecedented technological advance enabled by the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Tendencies on the social benefits market and what to expect in 2023 

Re:Benefit is devoted to offering the best possible social benefits through our platform, thus helping

5 Key Steps to Offer a Successful Strategy for Social Benefits

If you are looking for success in offering social benefits to employees, you should look

Why do you need Re:benefit?

Re:Benefit is the first, innovative, flexible benefits management platform on the Bulgarian market. Our product