Why do you need Re:benefit?

Re:Benefit is the first, innovative, flexible benefits management platform on the Bulgarian market. Our product is the best solution for every company seeking administrative efficiency, employee engagement and giving the power of choice to its most valuable asset- its people.

We help employers create exceptional benefits and rewards experiences, while reducing benefits administration, automating processes and improving the communication of their value proposition. We give our clients the possibility to decide on their own benefit offerings, to save time and to reduce administrative work. We give employees the freedom to manage their benefits budget, according to their real needs and expectations. Most of the companies allocate a fixed budget for a standard benefit package, taking the risk that part of the benefits will remain unused.

Over 94% of the companies that provide additional benefits in Bulgaria apply one or, in very rare cases, two or three standard packages to their staff, including benefits with a relatively universal focus – additional health insurance, transport and sports.

According to our survey, 44% of the benefits provided in a standard package, remain unused. This means a 44% loss of the company’s investment in social benefits, and inefficiency in the company’s policy toward gaining employee satisfaction and retention. Maximizing Return on Investment Investing in unused benefit plans makes employers waste money instead of distributing them efficiently and increasing employee satisfaction. Reducing administrative complexity Complex and error- prone manual benefit configuration processes require administrative overhead therefore making it costly for employers. Engaging & empowering employees The majority of employees do not understand their benefits plan and are often disconnected from the company’s social policy prioritization. Meeting diverse expectations The different lifestyles and priorities of employees make it difficult for employers to satisfy their diverse expectations through one-size- fits-all approach. Talent attraction and retention A company that offers a flexible benefits scheme will be more attractive to potential candidates.

Commitment and productivity Workers will generally feel more valued, which increases their commitment and sense of well-being. This will, in turn, have a positive impact on their productivity. Improvement of employer branding: The company’s image and social program improve as more and more professionals appreciate extra benefits.

The future of work is flexible 77% of employees want greater flexibility and personalization when it comes to their employee benefits selection 75% of employees believe that benefits adapted to working from home are more important than ever. 62% of employees think that benefits that reflect their needs throughout the different stages of life are and will be a top priority in the future.