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Re:benefit presents: “Prikazkite”

Re:benefit is proud of its successful partnerships with leading employers, offering flexible benefits to thousands

Employers have increased their budgets for flexible corporate employee benefits by 20% from July to September 2023

Flexible benefits are becoming an increasingly important addition to traditional forms of employee compensation in

Scalefocus Revolutionizes Employee Benefits Policy

About Scalefocus: Scalefocus provides tailored software solutions and services that empower businesses to grow and

Flexible Benefits: A Revolutionary Strategy in Talent Retention

In the rapidly changing business world, “flexibility” in selecting corporate benefits is a key factor

Тhe Most Desired and Popular Corporate Perks’ Tendencies Among Employees During the Second Quarter of 2023

Employees have donated 50,000 BGN from their monthly budgets for corporate perks only for 3

5 Tips to Reduce Stress When Looking for a New Job

9 out of 10 candidates have experienced anxiety about their job interviews which proves job

Flexible Employee Benefits: A Smart Way to Secure Your Financial Health

Choosing a company that offers a wide range of benefits can have a significant impact

Re:benefit & Ernst & Young: The Impact of Flexible Benefits on Talent Attraction and Retention.

Re:benefit, in collaboration with Ernst & Young Bulgaria, organized a business breakfast, on the topic

Health, Sports, Food, Transport: Top Employee Benefits in Q1 2023.

We have just published some statistics for the most preferred categories of additional benefits chosen

Re:benefit Awards Top American University of Blagoevgrad Team for Outstanding Market Research

Re:benefit, the first and only innovative platform for flexible benefits in Bulgaria, is thrilled to