How social benefits evolve in the era of Industry 4.0? 

In 2022 we are all witnessing unprecedented technological advance enabled by the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0. Jobs and employees are constantly evolving and changing while work processes are being adapted to the new normal. After the COVID-19 pandemic the use and integration of new technologies was further boosted, thus imposing on companies to act in an even more decisive way towards HR policy changes and adaptation. 

Let’s first make it clear what Industry 4.0 is. In 1999 Anthony Giddens, a sociologist and a former director of London School of Economics, shared his thoughts that the world is developing mainly due to technological advance and accessible travelling. And it has turned out to be truth. The term “Fourth Industrial Revolution” was first used in 2016 by Klaus Schwab, a founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum. 

Industry 4.0 as it is the other name of this phenomena, is a disruption of all well-known technological process and the appearance of revolutionary technologies such as artificial intelligence, autonomous cars, robots, IoT, and more. All these enable the connection of billions of people worldwide through smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, and other devices. 

How are social benefits being adapted to Industry 4.0.?

Even Klaus Schwab himself could hardly predict the rapid appearance and distribution of Industry 4.0 in a situation of a global COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, most of the population on the globe relies on mobile applications to perform even small and simple daily tasks such as shopping, banking, and parking. 

One of the main characteristics of the Fourth industrial revolution is that each of us is connected online through mobile applications all the time. To make it obvious we are adding that only for the third quarter of 2021 6.4 billion mobile apps have been downloaded in Europe, for which nearly 4 billion Euro has been spent. 

Offering social benefits such as HR processes could also be transformed into a digitized and a personalized flow to become even more effective. And this is exactly the core purpose of the Re:Benefit platform. In addition to offering flexible social packages for employees, our solution significantly reduces the load on HR teams and enables more opportunities for monitoring and extracting actionable data. Re:Benefir is simple to use and provides incomparable flexibility both to employees and HR departments. 

Although some may say that the Fourth industrial revolution could “robotize” humanity and deprive people of working value, we believe the opposite is true. And Re:Benefit aims to prove it by helping employees keep and develop their own unique capabilities, thus contributing the most to any organization.