Top Benefits Demanded by Employees in Q1 2024

Which are the benefits you would like to get from your employer? Are they the same ones demanded by your teammates or other colleagues? We know that people have different needs and interests and they would like to be able to choose. And this is exactly what Re:benefit gives them: the ability to choose.

We are sharing the latest data from our platform outlining the trends in benefits usage in Bulgaria for the first quarter of 2024.

Insurance Benefits as the Top Choice for Employers

In Q1 2024 we see that employees rely more and more on the variety of benefits they find on Re:benefit. However, their most favorite categories remain unchanged from previous periods: Insurance (22%), Transport & Mobility (16.2%), and Wellness & Sport (14.5%). What does change is the choice of specific vendors within these and other categories as we keep adding new partners on our platform every month.

If we dive deeper into different segments of Re:benefit users, we will notice the different preferences they have based on age or gender. Here are some key takeaways we could get:

The Youngest are the Most Open to Online Stores

The trend for the employees under the age of 30 to trust online shopping the most is obvious even in our statistics. At the same time, the eldest are the ones who mostly rely on standard well-known categories of benefits – food, insurance or transportation.

Men’s and Women’s Choices are Balanced when It Comes to Home & Family Benefits

It is obvious that men dominate all categories in the number of benefits orders, but we notice the balance of genders when it comes to a few of them. This is just one more proof of the value of Re:benefit’s platform where everyone can get what they really want or need.

Employees Spend the Most on Healthcare

Did we mention that every employer rewards their employees with different amounts on Re:benefit? And the budget is instrumental for the choice of benefits users would have. However, the preference for benefits in the healthcare category is noticeable – a third of the employees’ budget is spent on them.

Employees Stick to Traditional Benefits First

It is obvious that employees tend to spend first on healthcare and this is the top choice for those with the lowest benefits budget on our platform.

The Higher the Budget, the more Flexibility Is Chosen

With the increase of the benefits budget by the employer, employees also demonstrate interest in a growing variety of benefits including charity, culture and entertainment, or gifts. This means that when people are empowered and rewarded with real flexibility and freedom of choice they tend to adapt their preference with time according to their current interest and needs.

Would you also like to reward your people individually and to stand out as an employer? Get in touch with Re:benefit right away!