Тhe Most Desired and Popular Corporate Perks’ Tendencies Among Employees During the Second Quarter of 2023

Employees have donated 50,000 BGN from their monthly budgets for corporate perks only for 3 months  in 2023 while the interest in non-traditional corporate benefits is growing more and more.

These are just some of our conclusions about the preferences of employees using the Re:benefit platform during the second quarter of 2023. The amount invested by employers for their well-being exceeds 5.5 million BGN.

The Most Preferred Corporate Benefits Are Those from the Categories “Insurance” and “Health”

The most noticeable trend shows that the most favored category of benefits is “Health,” requested 22,782 times. On the other hand, “Insurance” takes the first place among employees in terms of invested budget, amounting to over 1.2 million BGN. Our partners and vendors such as Sigma Consult, Mussala Insurance Broker, Creditport.bg and Bulstrad have gained the most significant share of the provided corporate budget available to employees.

Additionally, benefits from the categories “Sports” and “Food Vouchers” stand out as the most preferred, maintaining their popularity compared to the January-March period of this year.

50,000 BGN Donations for Charity and Increased Interest in Non-innovative Benefits’ Categories

2,500 employees have made donations through the Re:benefit platform for the past 3 months and the donated amount has reached 50,000 BGN. This is just one of the various non-traditional categories in which talents have invested their benefits budget.

There is also an increase in the choice of benefits from categories such as “Culture and Entertainment,” “Online Shopping,” “Home and Family or Pet Care,” “Vouchers for experiences,” and others. The freedom of choice in various benefits not only adds value to the corporate image of organizations but also enhances their positioning as top employers on the market.

The Choice of Diverse Benefits is Becoming Flexible Based on Employees’ Gender and Age.

A significant percentage of men’s individual budget has been prioritized towards the “Gastronomy” category, which involves online orders of food products through familiar platforms such as Ebag, Supermag.bg, and foodbox.bg.

Men are also the majority when it comes to selecting some of the non-traditional corporate benefits, such as “Charity,” “Insurance,” and “Gifts and Experiences.” They show more activity also regarding the “Online Stores” category, which includes widely popular platforms like Fashion Days, EMAG, Sport Depot, and many others.

The benefits related to “Family Support” are equally preferred by men and women. A possible explanation could be that both genders have the same needs to avail services like housekeeping assistance or babysitting, offered by vendors like Goodknight, Bavachki.bg, Housecare.bg and many other vendors available on Re:benefit’s platform.

Based on the age criteria, the strongest interest from all age groups is towards healthcare services, while the “Transport” category is highly prioritized by individuals aged 31-40, due to their active lifestyle. Thanks to these types of benefits, users have access to preferential conditions for transportation and services offered by OMV, Lukoil, Urban Mobility Center, hobo, and others. The same age segment also takes the most advantage of the opportunity for babysitting and home assistance services offered in the “Family Support” category. Another interesting trend we observe is the similar amount of invested funds in the “Gastronomy” group by both age segments – under 30 and between 31-40 years old.

Due to the growing interest in flexible benefits, the number of Re:benefit users continues to increase. The platform now serves over 11,000 active users and offers more than 120 different benefits. Forecasts indicate that in the future, the demand for more non-traditional benefits will continue to increase, surpassing standard ones like food vouchers or additional health insurance. This is because employees are demanding personalized solutions tailored to their interests and needs.

By providing free access to an innovative platform like Re:benefit, employers can better meet the expectations of their talents, which also will stimulate and motivate them to stay at their current company.