Re:benefit presents: “Prikazkite”

Rebenefit presents Prikazkite

Re:benefit is proud of its successful partnerships with leading employers, offering flexible benefits to thousands of employees. We are also excited about our vendors who provide innovative products and services, and support important causes. One example is the “Prikazkite” mobile app, bringing joy to over 15,000 children and parents with audio fairy tales. Today, we will explain why parents should use this app and why we are thrilled it is part of Re:benefit’s platform.

Bringing Stories to Life

Many children today need to familiarize themselves with classic stories and tales. The team behind the “Fast Books” project, the first Bulgarian mobile app for audiobook summaries, realized the need for a platform to help parents incorporate stories into their children’s lives using modern technology. 

In today’s world, sources of inspiration, knowledge, literacy, and imagination go beyond traditional books. The creators of have effectively embraced this, and shortly after the platform’s launch, it offered over 1,000 children’s stories, making it the first-of-its-kind service in Bulgaria, capturing significant interest among users.

Imagination, Education, and Mental Health in One App

Research shows that listening to audio stories offers significant benefits to children. After consulting with experts and psychologists, the projects’ founders created a platform that:

  • Reduces screen time, keeping kids offline to prevent mobile device addiction.
  • Enhances literacy, vocabulary, and imagination in children.
  • Mimics the parent’s voice for easier comprehension.
  • Provides “white noise” for soothing newborns.

Something for Everyone, Anytime of the Day 

The platform offers cherished childhood stories along with unique tales from different cultures. It provides a wealth of stories aligned with your children’s interests, easily accessible on your mobile device. These stories can be used to soothe your child, entertain them, or engage them in beneficial activities whenever you wish.

Why We Chose “Prikazkite”

At Re:benefit, we aim to provide flexible corporate benefits that cater to the needs of employees, many of whom have young children. Our partnership with the “Prikazkite” team allows us to offer valuable ways for parents to engage, entertain, educate, and care for their children in a modern and flexible manner.

We created ‘Prikazkite’ with the ambition of nurturing children’s love for books and fostering their ability to dream and imagine. Our collaboration with experts and educational initiatives helped us create a product that contributes to the mental growth and knowledge acquisition of young ones. As a part of Re:benefit’s vendor network, I believe we can reach even more Bulgarian children and parents who genuinely need our platform,” said Hristomir Hristov, Executive Director of “Prikazkite”.

If you are a parent with Re:benefit access, you can now use “Prikazkite” as part of your flexible benefits package. If your employer doesn’t offer Re:benefit yet, learn more about the platform and ask to join the flexible benefits platform.