Tendencies on the social benefits market and what to expect in 2023 

Re:Benefit is devoted to offering the best possible social benefits through our platform, thus helping employers take care of the needs of their employees while reducing administration costs and gaining full control over the budget spent. 

Since individual needs of employees vary a lot, we conducted research on the most desired categories of social benefits in 2022. 

In the past few years many organizations focused their efforts on building corporate culture concentrated on employee health and well-being. The pandemic situation, however, disrupted the dynamics of work, as well as of all benefits focused on health and safety for people. 

Here are the results following our research about the most desired benefits by employees:

  • Health & wellness benefits (75%)
  • Travel & leisure (68,75%)
  • Additional health coverage & insurance and home & family benefits (both with 62,50%)
  • Transport & Mobility and charity (50%)
  • Free time (40,63%)
  • Food & eating out (21.88%)

Let’s also take a look at the trends on the global market. Research conducted among nearly 40,000 employees across Europe points out relevancy, flexibility, and personalization as the most desired features of social benefits offered by employers. 

There has turned out to be a relation between the awareness and the satisfaction level of employees. For example, people with greater access to information seem to me more satisfied with the social package provided by their employer. 

However, global tendencies, to a large extend, correspond to the situation on the market in Bulgaria. Employees now value the most social benefits related to physical and mental healthcare, work-life balance, and wellness opportunities. Companies’ values and culture also seem to be growing their importance, followed by sustainable mobility and support for charity causes. Good examples for some of the above mentioned are providing home office equipment, home cleaning services, groceries delivery and childcare support for employees working from home.

The digitization of many processes within organizations boosted the development of digital solutions for many processes within a short period of time. Today, it is a must that any process or any problem must have its solution delivered online from anywhere. 

In the end we are focusing your attention to one benefit that seems of growing importance worldwide. Sustainable transportation including bicycles, electric cars, public transport, or shared ride services is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. Why not giving your employees more choice in greener mobility? For example, this is the most popular social benefit offered by organizations in The Netherlands. Take the time to give it a thought before it’s too late. 

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